Proudly serving the Bega Valley Shire for over 30 years…

1988: On the 16th March the first two subgroups for Community Transport services in the Bega Valley Area were formed: Merimbula Community Transport and Bermagui Community Transport. The services began with approximately 40 volunteer drivers and 21 volunteer coordinators. Volunteer drivers used their own vehicles and were compensated for fuel costs. Approximately 53 clients were utilising the service monthly covering a range of 2,710 km.

1989: The logo for the organisation was designed.

The rapid growth of the service required the formation of Bega Valley Community Transport Service Incorporated (BVCTS). By the end of 1989 there were 112 clients being transported over 6,900 km each month.

1990 – 1991: BVCTS purchased 2 vehicles for the service, Magnas lovingly known as “Martha” (in Merimbula) “Bertha” (in Bermagui). The service was operating from donations, fundraising events and pledges from local organisations as government assistance was very limited. By the end of 1991, 193 clients were being transported over 16,000 km each month.

1992 – 1993: Fleet additions included a new Toyota Hiace Van, purchased and maintained by Bega Valley Shire Council for the organisation to use and service the local communities. In October the service became a registered charity and required more staff. At the end of 1992 we had a fleet of three cars and one van, covering over 18,000 km per month. Toyota Camrys replaced the old Magnas.

1994 – 1996: Service subsidies to volunteers were increased and a funding agreement was offered from the Ministry of Transport. To accommodate the new agreement, technology systems were upgraded, extra training provided and new processes adopted. Mobile phones for each vehicle were introduced in 1996 and two fleet vehicles upgraded. Volunteers using their own vehicle to transport clients was being phased out.

1997: The service had approximately 128 financial members. Fleet vehicles were replaced. The service adopted the Community Transport Organisation policy manual and the application for Community Transport Program (CTP) funding was successful. The service produced its first newsletter and mandatory driver medical checks were introduced.

1998 – 1999: The service celebrated its tenth anniversary!!!

New computer systems were implemented, the policy and procedure manual was updated, and driver and assistant training was introduced. By August the fleet consisted of six vehicles, two of which were wheelchair-accessible vehicles. Within the financial year the service provided 10,345 trips to 672 clients, covering a distance of 418,500 km. With the growing demands of the service more office staff were employed.

2001: A three-year funding agreement was signed. By the end of 2001 the service had transported 872 clients over 490,000 km.

2003: The fleet grew to a total of nine vehicles. The service provided 12,898 trips for the year covering a range of 460,000 km. On the 29th of November BVCTS moved to the heritage listed CBC Building in Auckland Street.

2008: Major restructure to update old processes, positions and to implement training for all staff and volunteers. The army of hard working volunteers ensured clients were safely delivered to their destinations whilst the changes were taking place, preparing for expansion of services.

2011: Official opening of the new office at 19 Peden Street, Bega. The office was opened by Penny Sharpe, Parliament Secretary for Transport, and Geoff Thornton, the most senior driver within the service. A new logo was adopted.

2019: Bega Valley Community Transport joined Coast and Country Community Services Ltd, for growth and future sustainability, delivering the same dedicated, friendly service to our Bega Valley community.